Bitcoin's $1000 Dump, Once Again During The Asian Trading Hours - September 2018

Either A Suspicious Coincidence or Something very bloody interesting

Considering the search term for bitcoin on Google has always correlated with Bitcoins price

This would be even more interesting to get an idea of the IP's and Countries to know if it is an organisation or more or less an online whale group

Brisbane, Australia, Eastern Standard Time at 7:45pm on the 5th of September 2018 Bitcoin dumped $1000 of the price during Asian trading hours once again.

I always keep an eye on google trends for the Bitcoin search correlation with the price. Here Live Google Trends Search Terms For Bitcoin you will find a Live Google Trends interactive page I created with roughly the same data that is below.

Bitcoin Google search's have always correlated with the price of Bitcoin which has always been a good confirmation for analysis.

Below the search term Bitcoin which is indicated in red. You can see the large spike in google searches performed the moment Bitcoin starting dumping.

For The First Time In Just About A Month The Specific Search Term "BITCOIN PRICE NEWS" Had started to increase from 65% to 80-85% starting exactly 24Hrs before the dump. It were between 80-85% at the time of the dump and continued to 100% by the end of the dump.

Bitcoin Price & Bitcoin Search Terms Mapped

Bitcoin Price News, Bitcoin Short & Bitcoin Manipulation Search Terms Mapped

Bitcoin Price


Bitcoin Price News

Bitcoin Short

Bitcoin Manipulation


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